Methods For Unclogging A Kitchen Sink

If your kitchen sink has clogged up on you, there are some ways you can go about unclogging it yourself. If you find these methods don't work, then it's time for you to call a plumber like Quality Plumbing Inc to come repair your sink for you. Each of the methods below are easy for you to do and can be done without the need for any special plumbing tools. Try resetting the garbage disposal Read More 

Four Things You Will Want To Know About Filtration And Water Softener Systems For Your Home

If you live in an area with many heavy metals in the water, a water softener or filtration system may be a good investment. They will not only make the water you consume healthier, but they can also reduce problems with appliances that are caused by hard water. It can help prevent damage to your home mechanical systems as well. Here are four things that you may want to know about water softeners and filtration systems for your home: Read More 

How To Clean Your Toilets And Sinks Without Damaging Your Plumbing

You want to take good care of your plumbing so you can keep it working for as long as possible. While it's important to make sure you don't flush the wrong items, or put things such as grease down your kitchen sink, it's also just as important to be sure you clean with products that are safe for your plumbing. Putting harsh chemicals down your drain can cause your pipes to become damaged. Read More 

2 Key Areas To Know On Your Gas Water Heater

Older homes frequently come with a traditional gas water heater. In this type of unit, cold water gathers in a tank to be heated. The heated water is then passed through the pipes when you call for hot water on one of the faucets. Water heaters are typically efficient units, but problems can still arise. Understanding how your water heater works and the key areas where problems develop can help you describe any recurring problems to a water heater repair technician. Read More 

4 Ways To Drain A Toilet Bowl

If you are having problems with your toilet, especially if it is a flushing problem, you might need to drain the toilet bowl. There is no fun way to drain a toilet bowl, but there are at least four practical options. Here are some different ways to drain the water from the toilet bowl so you can get the necessary repairs done. Use A Plunger Before you try to actually get the water out of the toilet bowl, try pushing it down the bowl by using a plunger. Read More