Draining And Replacing Your Failed Electric Water Heater

If your hot water heater is from another decade and needs to be replaced with a more energy efficient model, then you will be happy to know that you can complete this job yourself with just a few basic tools.    Follow these steps to replace your old water heater like a professional plumber: 1. Disconnect the Electricity Your water heater is hardwired directly into your home's power panel. To prevent electrocution, you must disconnect the power from the water heater before you work on it. Read More 

Late-Season Hurricane Hitting: Protect Your Outdoor AC With These Tips

If a late-season hurricane threatens your area, protect your outdoor AC unit before the storm hits. Even if the hurricane makes landfall in another location, it can still produce enough high winds and rain to damage your unit. But if you follow the tips below, you can protect your air conditioner. Here's what you do. Reinforce the Unit's Concrete Support Pad One of the first things you should do is reinforce the concrete support pad beneath your AC unit, especially if it's weak or sunken into the ground. Read More 

2 Ways To Get Your Dirty And Smelly Kitchen Clean And Shiny

If your kitchen has become dirtier than normal, and there is an odor in the kitchen sink that you can't get rid of, follow the tips below to get everything shiny and odor free again. Shine Up The Countertop Over time, grease and dirt can build up on a kitchen countertop, and it may be difficult to get it completely clean. Using baking soda and vinegar will generally not harm countertops, and together these products clean grease and dirt very well. Read More 

Household Hacks Your Plumber Can Implement For Your Home Renovation

When you think of household hacks you probably think about the type of hacks that you can do on your own. The truth is there are some household hacks that need a professional's touch. Here are a few hacks for your home renovation that can be put in place by your professional plumber. Under the Stairs Bathroom If you have a small storage area or room under the stairs, you know how difficult it can be to utilize that space properly and efficiently. Read More 

How To Use Dyes To Detect Water Delivery Leaks

The problem with water leaks is that the water quickly evaporates and will often leave no trace behind. Your water delivery system may be leaking water, but you may find it difficult to find out exactly where the water leak is coming from. One option is to introduce a water dye to the system that can allow you to identify the source of the leak and correct it. Choose the Right Dye for Your Delivery System Read More