Three Tips For The Best Air Conditioner Maintenance And Performance

It can be incredibly difficult to remain comfortable in your home if you have a broken or poorly performing air conditioner. As a homeowner, it is your obligation to maintain your air conditioner so that you can keep it blasting cool air, especially in the hot, sticky summer months. You can do a lot to take care of our air conditioner by following some key tips, as laid out below.  Read More 

How To Replace A Leaking Toilet Tank Gasket

Your toilet tank is sealed from leaking by a round rubber gasket that is seated upon the back of the bowl. Because the tank is held in place by only two bolts, it is subject to movement by larger individuals leaning against the tank as they read or contemplate the meaning of life on the toilet, or children inexplicably shaking the tank back and forth This leaning or rocking motion can eventually wear away the gasket, causing water to drip onto the floor behind the toilet. Read More 

Energy Saving Tips: Cover Up Open Plumbing Holes

Cutting down your energy costs is just as much about all the small ways you make sure that your home is sealed off from the outside as it is about the big ways. One small way to reduce the amount of energy that is lost in your home is by sealing up any plumbing pipe holes on the outside of your house or in your basement. Sealing these holes will slightly reduce the energy that is lost in your home, and when combined with other energy saving techniques, will work together to have a big impact on your energy bill. Read More 

Central Heating Inefficiency: The Signs of a Problematic Gas Furnace

Have you been running your central heater a lot and have unusually high energy bills? The high gas bills may be a sign that an underlying problem is causing your furnace to function in an inefficient manner. Discover in this article a few of the common signs that point to a gas furnace needing a repair or replacement, plus the cost of replacing one. What Are Signs of a Problematic Gas Furnace? Read More 

How to Know If It’s Time to Call In a Professional Plumber

As a homeowner, it is very important to make sure that you are well aware of all of the signs that indicate you are in need of a professional plumber. To help you with that, make sure that you are checking out the following signs of trouble. Strange Sounds in the Drain You should be able to send as much water as would normally be used during a shower or washing dishes down the drain without hearing any noises from inside of the drain. Read More