3 Easy Fixes For A Slow Flushing Toilet

A slow flushing toilet can be very disruptive, as it can easily block and cause dirty water to spill on your floor. You may also need to flush the toilet multiple times to clear the volume, leading to water wastage. In this article, you will learn 3 simple fixes for a slow flushing toilet so you can hopefully prevent the issue from escalating and causing your toilet to clog completely.

Adjust the water level in the tank

In most cases, a toilet may flush poorly if there is too little water in the tank. Over time, the toilet may clog if the water level is not adjusted, causing an unpleasant situation.

To set the water level, open the toilet lid and locate the vertical tube with a built in float at the center of the tank. This tube houses the toilet flapper and the fill tube which connects at the top of the assembly. The fill valve is usually connected to the water supply line of the toilet where the rod meets the fill tube, and typically has a screw adjustment at the top where you can raise or lower the level of the float.

To increase the amount of water in the tank, adjust the screw to raise the float. Most toilet tanks typically have a line that indicates the proper water level, so be sure to adjust the float to this level. If there are no markings inside your tank, set the water level just below the top of the fill tube to allow sufficient water to enter the tank.

Clean the bowl inlet valves

Another probable culprit for a slow flushing toilet is a clogged inlet valve inside the toilet bowl. This inlet is designed to let water from the tank flow into the bowl to clear the volume effectively. Over time, dirt can clog the inlet, which is usually located near the bottom where water leaves the bowl. You may also have a secondary inlet valve under the rim.

To fix the issue, wear waterproof gloves and inspect all inlet valves for obstructions. You may be able to remove any sediment in there using a sharp tool like a screwdriver.

Remove obstructions in the trap

Sometimes, things that aren't supposed to go into the toilet, such as small toys, toothbrushes and other objects can get jammed inside the trap, restricting the flow of volume down the toilet. If not removed, such objects can slow down the operation of the toilet and eventually cause a permanent clog.

To fix the problem, use a toilet auger to dislodge any obstructions in the trap and restore the flow of water down the toilet. Contact a plumber, like Puget Sound Plumbing, for more help.