Bathroom Faucet Buying Guide

The faucet is the centerpiece of the bathroom. It's one of the first things people see when they enter. There are many factors to consider when shopping for a new one, like whether your sink is new or pre-existing, how many holes are in it, and features. Here are some basics every bathroom faucet buyer should know before making a purchase.

Fitting Your Sink

First, you'll need to know what type of faucet your sink can handle. A single hole in your sink is perfect for a single-hole faucet. A sink with three holes, the most outer of which being 4 inches apart, will need a centerset faucet or a mini-spread faucet. A widespread faucet is for sinks with three holes, the most outer of which are at least 8 inches apart.  

Picking a Color

Faucets come in four basic finishes: bronze, chrome, brass, and nickel. You'll also have to choose from a seemingly endless selection of sub-categories like stainless steel, brushed bronze, polished nickel, brushed chrome, and many more. Knowing the exact names for the colors of your bathroom tiles, countertops, and accenting décor can make matching and coordinating colors less of a headache.

The easiest path is to focus on the look instead of the metal itself. Go to a showroom and find a finish you like, then make sure you can get the rest of the metal in your bathroom—towel bars, fixtures, etc.—in a matching or coordinating color.

Different Faucet, Different Purpose

You need to consider who will be using your faucet and for what the purpose of the faucet is as well. Different faucets have different purposes.

  1. ADA Compliant: This type of faucet meets the requirements set forth by the American Disabilities Act.
  2. Low Flow: A low flow faucet uses less water and is eco-friendly.
  3. Commercial: Built for high volume activity, commercial faucets are made to put up with the high traffic of business bathrooms.
  4. USA Made: USA made faucets are crafted with materials only manufactured in the USA.
  5. Metering: Metering faucets dispense water for a limited time and are eco-friendly.

A basic bathroom faucet for the sink can run anywhere from $20 to $70 and be priced as high as $450 to $750 when finished with brushed nickel or bronze. Faucets for the tub can range from $55 to $800 depending on features, style, and finish. There is an option for every taste and budget.

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