Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners And Snakes

A clogged drain can disrupt your whole routine. As dishes pile up in the kitchen, you may get desperate to get your drain working right again. On the other hand, pouring a chemical drain cleaner down your drain may do more damage than simply not solve your problem: in some cases a chemical cleaner can actually make the problem worse. Thus, if you can't solve your drain problem on your own with a couple home remedies, you should call in the professionals. 

Remove the P-Trap

A p-trap is a section of pipe that directs water up for a few inches after exiting your sink. P-traps are used to trap water, which then acts as a vapor barrier to prevent sewer fumes from leaking into your house. Unfortunately, water is not the only thing that can get trapped. P-traps should be fitted with easily removable collars; thus, even a homeowner who does not have advanced knowledge of plumbing should be able to remove and clean the P-trap under a sink. Often this is all that is required to fix a leak. 

Two Problems with Chemical Drain Cleaners

Not every drain in your house will have an accessible P-trap. For this reason you should be careful what you put down your drains. Use hair traps in your shower and don't put any unintended objects down your commode. Even when you take these precautions, you might get a clogged drain. Pouring a chemical drain cleaner can cause problems for two main reasons: 1) If you an older house, you likely will have metal pipes. The chemicals in your drain cleaner can corrode these pipes, and the corrosion risk only worsens if your cleaner fails to remove the clog as the chemicals just sit in your drain. 2) Once your drain opens, you still have to worry about the toll the chemicals you put down your drain are taking on the environment. Hopefully, you are not using chemicals to open your drains all the time, but even if it is only once you still have to be wary of what those chemicals are doing to the environment. 


If removing P-traps is not enough to open your drain, you might also consider snaking your drains. A snake is  a plumbing tool consisting of a cable with a barbed device at one end. The snake is fed down your drain and a special handle is then turned so that the barb can be used to hook or shred clogs in your drain. In unskilled hands, a snake can chip porcelain and damage plastic pipes. 

Even though you can sometimes rent a snake, you should leave snaking to the professionals, like Sunset Professional Plumbing, who will know how to avoid damaging your drains as they expertly remove clogs. After all, as compared to removing clogs, repairing damaged drains is a much larger and an avoidable cost.