How To Tell If A Plumbing System Repair Is Needed

Do all of the faucets in your house make a loud screeching sound each time that you turn them on? You might be dealing with a plumbing problem that requires prompt attention from a professional before things get worse. This article will provide insight on the problems that can develop in a house when the plumbing system is in need of an inspection.

An Unusual Amount of Humidity

If you have noticed an unusual amount of moisture in your house, it might be due to an underlying plumbing problem. If you are not aware of any leaks that can be causing your home to be so humid, it can stem from water leaking out of plumbing pipes that are hidden inside the wall cavities. Walk around to inspect the walls and ceilings for mold or mildew growth, as it can mean that the water leak is severe and at risk of damaging the structure of your home. It is important for a plumber to find out where the leak is so a repair can be made before you end up needing wall cavity boards or drywall replaced.

Toilets Are Constantly Clogged Up

Unless the toilets in your house are constantly getting clogged up due to your own fault (e.g. flushing too much tissue), it is likely due to a problem within the main sewer line. It is possible that the main sewer line constantly backs up water for a short while because there are tree roots interfering with how easily water is able to pass through the system. You end up with backed up toilets at random times due to water sitting in the pipes. A plumber can use an articulating borescope to get a live view of the main sewer line to find out why water is not flowing through as it should. The main sewer line might need to be replaced if it is severely cracked and dirt is creating a blockage in sewerage flow.

A Big Change in Water Pressure

When there is a big change in the amount of water pressure coming from plumbing fixtures, it can stem from pipes being clogged up. You might need to get only specific pipes inspected if there is only a single plumbing fixture that has low water pressure. If there is low water pressure in all of the plumbing fixtures, the main sewer line is the probable cause. Contact a plumber like ATA's Plumbing about your screeching faucets to discover what the problem is.