Do You Have Moisture Collecting Around A Toilet? Learn The Causes And Solutions

One of the problems with a toilet that causes moisture to collect around it is the potential damage it may cause. It can affect your bathroom flooring, and the ceiling of the floor underneath your bathroom as well. Thankfully, moisture accumulation is easy to fix. Most situations are a DIY repair, and if you don't feel up to the task, a local plumber can easily do it for you.

Water Inlet Leak.  Take a close look at the pipe bringing the water to your toilet. Is there any water collecting around the pipe, especially around the connection to the toilet? It's possible that you have a leak on the toilet's water inlet, and it is causing moisture to trickle down this pipe and collect on your floor. It may appear as if it is coming from your toilet's base, but it is actually leaking from the inlet. The first step towards fixing this problem is to tighten the water line's coupling nuts. If that doesn't do it, the gaskets and washers connecting the water line to the toilet could need replacing.

Toilet Tank or Bowl Crack. If the water inlet looks dry, move on to inspecting the bowl and tank of the toilet. Are there places where you see water accumulating or beading up? Toilet tanks and bowls run the risk of cracking, especially after a few years of regular use. The best way to fix this type of damage is by replacing the entire bowl or tank.

Replacing your toilet's tank is an easy DIY job, and only requires a few basic tools such as a wrench and screwdriver. You start by draining as much water from the tank as you can, which can even be done with a wet vacuum. Unfasten the bolts located inside the tank, and lift it off the bowl. The brand new tank will fit right where the old tank went. You re-fasten all the bolts, and reconnect the flapper to the handle. Unfortunately, a cracked bowl is harder to fix, and may require professional help to do it.

Wax Seal Leak. If you cannot see any visible damage, it could be from a wax seal that is leaking. This seal can be found between the floor and the bowl, and prevents water from potentially seeping through. The process is similar to replacing the bowl, since the entire bowl needs to be lifted up from the floor to get access to the wax seal. Consider having a plumber handle the repair for you.

Even small amounts of moisture can build up and cause damage. Have these problems fixed early to prevent the problems from getting worse. If you're looking for a plumber in your area, visit Alexander's Plumbing And Pumps.