Four Ways To Prevent Roots In Sewer Lines After Having The Lines Replaced

Roots can be a big problem for plumbing, and when they get into sewer lines, they can be costly. Once you have paid to have your sewer lines replaced, you will want to prevent any future problems. Things like using barriers or moving plants can help to prevent future problems with your pipes. If you want to protect your new sewer lines, here are some things that you can do to prevent future problems with tree roots:

1. Remove Trees That Are Near Your Home And Sewer Lines

Trees that are near your sewer lines and home can be the source of a lot of problems. It is a good idea to remove trees that are a hazard to your home and mechanical systems. Decide on an area to make your property free of trees to prevent many of the root problems they can cause.

2. Use Landscaping Designs With Plants That Have Shallow Roots

Landscaping design is another aspect you will want to consider to keep roots out of sewer lines. Trees are the main culprit that cause root damage, but other plants like shrubs can also be a danger to pipes. Choose plants with shallow roots systems to plant near your home and in areas that are near sewer lines. When you have the lines installed, you can ask the contractor to mark them with flags, so you know where they are when you do planting.

3. Add A Barrier Between Trees And Mechanical Installations For Your Home

Barriers can also help to protect sewer lines from root problems. There may be trees that you cannot or do not want to cut down. Adding a barrier can ensure that roots do not get in pipes. These can be special root barriers, or they can be something as simple as plywood buried between trees and sewer lines.

4. Use A Chemical Treatment To Prevent Tree Roots From Growing Near Pipes

If you do not want to dig up your garden to install a barrier, another option is to use chemical treatments. These are root treatments that hinder root growth near the sewer lines. This can be good to not disturb landscaping, but you will want to be careful using these treatments near some plants.

These are some things that you can do to prevent problems with tree roots in your sewer lines. If your sewer lines have been invaded with roots, it is likely that you will need to have them replaced. Contact a trenchless sewer repair service to have them install new pipes without damaging your landscaping too much.