3 Signs Your Home Plumbing System Needs An Upgrade

Most homeowners don't put much thought into their home plumbing systems. After all, the majority of a home's plumbing exists out-of-sight, in the form of piping behind the walls. It's only when a problem occurs with a plumbing system that homeowners realize just how much they rely on their home's plumbing daily. Fortunately, you can avoid a lot of plumbing problems by making sure your piping isn't outdated. Specifically, there are a few signs to be on the lookout for that could indicate your home plumbing system needs upgraded.

Pipes Made of Old or Dangerous Materials

Start by finding out what your home's plumbing pipes are made out of. Ideally, the material will be either brass, copper, or iron, as these materials are known to resist corrosion and can last for many decades. PVC piping, on the other hand, will usually only last for a few decades and should be replaced, if possible. Above all else, make sure you don't have lead pipes (which can be a health hazard) or galvanized piping. You can find out what type of piping you have at your home by contacting your local plumber.

Discoloration of Water From Faucets

Another sign that your home plumbing system may need an upgrade is that you've noticed discolored water coming from your faucets, especially if the color appears brown or yellow. This could indicate that you have rust in your water, which often occurs when pipes have begun to corrode. Not only do you want to keep rust out of your drinking and bathing water, but if you ignore this problem, rusted pipes could eventually become fully corroded and spring a leak. 

In some cases, rust in your water could also be caused by a leaking water heater, so you'll want to contact a plumber to determine the cause.

Several Small Leaks

All too often, homeowners assume that a couple of small plumbing leaks here and there is nothing to be concerned about. However, with an older plumbing system, a couple of small leaks could be a sign that pipes are beginning to corrode and, pretty soon, the entire piping system may need to be replaced. That's because all the pipes in a home are typically installed at the same time, so if one area is having problems, it's only a matter of time before more leaks arise elsewhere. Now might be a good time to have a plumber come out and assess the situation.

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