A Slow Igniting Gas Furnace Pilot: Helpful Things To Know

Does it take a long time for your gas furnace pilot to ignite when you are trying to warm up your house? The problem can stem from a few different areas of the furnace, and you might even need to get it replaced if it has been in your house for a long time. Find out in this article what can possibly be causing the pilot of your furnace to not ignite as fast as it should when the central heater is on.

What Can Lead to a Gas Furnace Pilot Taking Long to Ignite?

One of the things that can cause a furnace pilot to ignite slowly is a malfunctioning gas valve. Something might be preventing the valve from immediately releasing gas when you turn the heater on. For instance, the gas valve might have a lot of rust on it from being old. An accumulation of dirt and debris can also interfere with the speed of gas being released from the valve. You will need to either get the gas valve repaired, or it might need to be switched out with a new one.

Another thing that can lead to delayed pilot igniting is a problem with the gas line that is connected to your furnace. The gas line might not be connected to the furnace in a secure manner. It is also possible that the gas line has a crack in it. If the gas line is not properly connected or has cracks, you should notice the smell of gas near the area that your furnace is situated in. You might smell gas in other areas of you house as well. A faulty gas line requires a prompt repair, so make sure a contractor is called to inspect it if you suspect that a leak is causing the pilot to not ignite fast enough.

What Does a New Gas Furnace Cost If the Old One Can't Be Repaired?

The price that you must pay for a new gas furnace depends on how efficient you want it to be. If you just want a standard furnace, be prepared for it to cost at least $1,700 and up (including installation by a professional). A furnace that is highly efficient should cost you $2,500 or more. The overall price with installation depends on how hard labor is for the contractor. For more information, talk to a professional like Washam Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning.