Central Heating Inefficiency: The Signs of a Problematic Gas Furnace

Have you been running your central heater a lot and have unusually high energy bills? The high gas bills may be a sign that an underlying problem is causing your furnace to function in an inefficient manner. Discover in this article a few of the common signs that point to a gas furnace needing a repair or replacement, plus the cost of replacing one.

What Are Signs of a Problematic Gas Furnace?

Besides dealing with high energy bills, one of the signs that your furnace is in need of a repair is when the pilot flame is not the right color. For instance, it is ideal for the fire to glow with a blue color, which indicates that the gases in it are properly balanced. If you notice that the pilot flame is glowing yellow, it can indicate that carbon monoxide is present from incomplete combustion. Your furnace may not have enough air circulation around it for combustion to complete and produce the carbon dioxide needed for efficiently heating your home.

Another sign of a problematic furnace is when the heater never seems to reach the temperature displayed on the thermostat. If you know that the thermostat is not simply broken, the problem may stem from the pilot not staying lit consistently. An inconsistently lit pilot flame can happen from a clogged-up orifice, but it can also be the result of an insufficient amount of gas flowing to the burner. You may need to get the gas valve on the furnace repaired or find out if your house has a gas leak.

If there are drafts in your house no matter how long the heater is running, it may mean that your furnace is unable to support heating demands as it used to. You might have to get a new furnace in order to have efficient heat. You definitely might need a new furnace if you have not replaced it in decades.

What Should Be the Expected Price of a Gas Furnace?

For a gas furnace that is designed for a central heating system, expect to pay at least $1,700 for one that has mid-efficiency. For a high-efficiency gas furnace, you are looking to spend an average of at least $2,500 or more, and the price can go over $12,000 on the highest end of that scale. Stop dealing with high energy bills and hire a contractor from a company like Buchner Bernie Inc to determine if your furnace should be replaced for more efficiency!