Own More Than One Dog? How They Can Affect Your HVAC System

Having one dog in the house can affect your HVAC system, but having more than one can cause double the harm. Below are four things your furry pets can do to your HVAC system. Fortunately, you can take care of these things so you can keep your pets in your home.

Pet Hair

No matter if your dogs have long hair or short hair, it does not take long for this hair to clog up your furnace filter. This is because, not only does the warm air blow through the air filter, the furnace also sucks up any stale air inside your home so it can recondition the air for later use. When this happens, your furnace works much harder to heat your home. This results in you spending more money on your monthly bill. One way to combat this problem is by changing your furnace filter regularly.

Pet Dander

You are probably aware of the pet hair, but may not have considered the pet dander that comes along with the hair. Pet dander is tiny flakes of skin that your dogs shed on a continual basis. If you have people in your home that have allergies, they may be allergic to this dander. Just like pet hair, dander gets sucked in by your air filter, and then sucked out into your home. It is so small that you cannot see it in the air so you would never know that it was there.

To help with the problem of pet hair and dander, use a disposal electrostatic air filter. This type of filter has self-charge electrostatic paper or cotton fibers that attracts and traps small particles. You can find these in standard sizes, as well as custom sizes.

Outside HVAC Unit

If you have male dogs that urinate on your HVAC system outside, the urine will eat away at the metal on your HVAC unit over time. Once this happens, the urine will cause the coil that holds the refrigerant to cool your home to erode. When the coil erodes, it will leak, and your HVAC system will not be able to cool your home properly.

You can put a small gate around the HVAC unit so your dogs cannot get at it. There are also some odor sprays you can purchase at most pet stores to deter your pets from this area. You will have to reapply these sprays each time it rains.

You should also have your duct work cleaned regularly to remove any debris built up inside of it, such as the pet hair and dander. You can hire an HVAC technician like one from Mitchell Plumbing & Heating Inc to do this for you.