Is Your Boiler System On Strike? Common Reasons The Boiler Isn’t Working

If you're having problems with your boiler and you aren't sure that you want to replace it, have a boiler repair professional give you an estimate for the current repairs. You may find that your system doesn't have to be repaired, but instead it just needs some fine tuning.

The maintenance that is required for a boiler system, which heats water and pushes water throughout pipes in the home to heat the air, should always be done safely by a licensed HVAC expert. Here are a few reasons why your boiler system may not be functioning.

Access Air Hasn't Been Bled

The extra air that gets into the pipes needs to be released for the boiler system to work properly. If it doesn't, the pipe can't fill up with hot water and heat the home as quickly or efficiently as it' supposed to. This is something that should be done by a professional HVAC consultant at least once a year. If you have hot rooms and cold rooms, this is a sign that air may be trapped in specific areas of the house.

Pressure Problems

If there is a water leak somewhere in the pipes or if the water isn't filling properly into the piping system, this can cause pressure problems. Without the proper pressure to keep pushing the hot water through the piping system, the air isn't going to stay warm. Instead, the water will get cold in the pipes and adjust to the temperature of the pipes or house.

Radiator Problems

If you can touch the metal radiator at the top of the unit sticking out of your boiler system, and the metal doesn't feel hot or even warm, there may not be hot air filtering through it. This could indicate that there is a leak, or that there is even a pilot problem and the air isn't getting heated before it goes through the radiator.

The HVAC professional will let you know if the machine just needs a tune up and the air bled to get things going again, or if you should get some more extensive repair work done. If the system is getting old and outdated you may want to consider skipping the repairs, and investing your money into a new furnace or heating system. A geothermal heat pump may even be an energy efficient option that would meet all of your heating and cooling needs in the future.