3 Ways To Keep Your Drain From Clogging

Your kitchen sink is an essential part of your household. You are able to clean up after a long day in the backyard or stow away dirty dishes after cooking and eating a satisfying meal. The kitchen sink becomes the epicenter for all of your cleaning efforts when you start scrubbing down your kitchen as a place to rinse out sponges and towels. In order to keep your kitchen sink in good shape, you have to mindful of the drain. Here are three ways you can keep your drain from clogging.

Use a plastic or metal screen to catch hair.

It is very common to wash your hair in the sink or to bathe your pets in the sink. You do not want to end up with a huge hairball in the drain, as the matted strands can create a clog. In order to keep hair from accumulating in the drain, simply use a plastic or metal screen to catch the hair. This item can be purchased at most hardware and convenience stores. Just remove it from the drain and empty the contents into the garbage bin every few days to keep it clean.

Avoid sending fats, oils, and greases down the drain.

When fats, oils, and greases get cold, they solidify and can be difficult to remove from the plumbing. Avoid sending these cooking remnants down the drain and instead pour them into a container that you can throw away later. In the event that some fats, oils, or greases go down the drain, then run a scalding hot stream of water down the drain in order to clear them out. The hot temperature keeps these cooking remnants in their liquid form and allows them to travel farther down the plumbing where they are less likely to cause a clog.

Use your garbage disposal responsibly.

Many kitchen sinks are outfitted with a garbage disposal. While this is a great tool that helps you clean up after your meals, you also have to use it responsibly in order to keep it running well. Make sure that food particles you send down the drain are small enough for the garbage disposal's blades to handle. You don't want to use your garbage disposal as a replacement for the trashcan. Make sure that you run your garbage disposal after every load of dishes in order to keep food from accumulating in your drain and developing a foul odor.

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