Tips For Keeping Your Plumbing Safe During Cold Winter Days

Your home plumbing system is one of the most complicated and expensive parts of the house. Sadly, the winter months can bring numerous threats to your plumbing, and frozen pipes is one of the more common issues that homeowners will encounter during this time of the year.

In addition to causing your plumbing system to stop working, this problem can lead to extensive water damage to your home, but these two following tips can help you to avoid the worst of this problem:

Open The Doors To Any Cabinets Near Pipes

While many people know that they need to have their pipes insulated to help minimize the odds that the water inside them freeze, these people may not realize that the simple act of opening the cabinets can help prevent this problem from occurring. These benefits come from increasing the amount of warm air that is circulating around your pipes, which may be enough to keep the water inside them above the freezing level. 

In addition to helping prevent your pipes from freezing, opening the cabinets may also make it easier for you to spot water damage if one of the pipes does freeze and burst. When this happens, it is not usual for moisture to be visible along the wall or floor, and leaving your cabinets open during these times will help you to quickly determine whether any of these issues are present. 

If Your Pipes Freeze, Open Your Faucets

Despite your best efforts, it may still be possible for your pipes to freeze if the temperature drops low enough, but this does not mean that you are guaranteed to have ruptured pipes. One of the steps you can take to help prevent your pipes from splitting is opening all your faucets when you notice that your pipes are frozen. 

Some people may attempt to pour hot water down the drains in an attempt to thaw these pipes, but this can be a mistake. The sudden increase in temperature can actually make the pipes more likely to crack. By opening the faucets, you are allowing much of the pressure from inside the pipe to escape, and this will drastically reduce the chances that a crack develops in your pipes. 

Keeping your pipes safe from freezing is a constant battle for many homeowners and only an occasional threat or others. Due to this, there is a chance that some homeowners may not know how to handle this situation. By following these tips, you can help keep your plumbing safe from the damaging effects of frozen pipes.

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