Fixing A Leak Under Your Sink Yourself

If you're like most people with little to no plumbing experience, you may get intimidated by the sheer thought of repairing your own plumbing. While there are many times you want to call out a professional plumber, some jobs are simple enough for you to repair yourself. While a leaky pipe under your kitchen sink can cause a lot of trouble, it is easy to locate and it can generally be fixed with little to no plumbing knowledge.

Determining you have a leak

If you keep finding water on your kitchen floor in front of the sink or you open your cabinet to find the bottom of it has water pooling, then you may have a leak. Run a dry hand along the pipes to find the one that's wet underneath. Make sure you continue upward so you know just how far up the leak is. If you can't find the leak, try running your water so your sink drains for a bit, then look again. Once you find the leak, use a permanent marker to mark the affected pipe or fitting.

Fixing a leaky pipe

If the leak is coming from a connection, you want to put a bucket under the area to catch water. Then, loosen the connection pieces and pull out the pipe. But some plumber's tape and wrap it around the ends of the pipe. Put the pipe back in place and tighten the connections securely. If the pipes are PVC, you can loosen and tighten the connections by hand. If the pipes are metal, you will need a pipe wrench. 

Fixing a cracked pipe

If a pipe is cracked, you are going to want to remove it and replace it with a new one. Just as when you are fixing a leaky pipe, you want to use plumber's tape on both ends of the new pipe before installing it.

Fixing a leaky faucet

Usually, a leaky faucet will cause a leak to go on the top of the counter. However, it can cause a leak to occur on the underside. If your faucet has a leak then you will want to take the faucet apart and replace any gaskets in need of replacing.

If at any point you feel you are in over your head with a plumbing issue, you want to call out a professional plumber. This way, you get your plumbing fixed and won't cause further problems along the way.