Keeping Your Septic System Healthy

If you have a septic tank then you need to be careful so you don't bring on major problems. Putting the wrong things down the pipes or doing other things that aren't good for your septic tank can lead to damages that can be costly to repair. Follow the tips below to make sure you don't cause problems for your septic system.

Don't put these items down your sinks.

Grease, oil and fat – These things will harden in your drain and cause your sink to clog. When your sink clogs it stops water from being able to go through your pipes and this can lead to a backed up septic system. Along with throwing away these items you should also wipe your pans down with a paper towel before you wash them in your kitchen sink.

Harsh chemicals – You don't want to dispose of paint down your sinks, toilets or bathtub drains. You also want to make sure you don't use very strong chemicals such as bleach to clean with. These chemicals will throw the chemicals in your system off balance.

An excessive amount of antibacterial soap – Antibacterial soap will destroy the bacteria in your septic system that keeps everything running smoothly.

The wrong foods for your garbage disposal – Putting the wrong foods down your garbage disposal can also damage your septic system. Some examples of these foods include egg shells, coffee grounds, celery, potato peels, pasta and rice. In fact, you should try to use your disposal as little as possible.

Don't flush the wrong items.

The only things you should be flushing down your toilet include excrement and toilet paper. Nothing else is meant to go down your toilet and flushing the wrong items can destroy your septic system. It can quickly lead to a clog that completely backs the system up.

Don't allow leaking faucets to continue.

Allowing a leaking faucet to continue or ignoring a running toilet will cause your septic tank to fill up much faster and this will lead to flooding. You should also try to watch your water usage for this same reason.

Watch where you plant trees.

You don't want to plant trees near your septic tank that grow deep roots. If you do, the roots can grow against the septic tank and eventually damage it.  

You can keep your septic system performing well by following the simple tips in this article. This will save you a lot of problems and money in the future. For more information on septic systems, go to