Four Things You Will Want To Know About Filtration And Water Softener Systems For Your Home

If you live in an area with many heavy metals in the water, a water softener or filtration system may be a good investment. They will not only make the water you consume healthier, but they can also reduce problems with appliances that are caused by hard water. It can help prevent damage to your home mechanical systems as well.

Here are four things that you may want to know about water softeners and filtration systems for your home:

1. Choosing The Right Type Of Softener

One of the most common types of water filtration systems installed in homes is an ionizing filter. This system separates the water from metals in a canister and delivers the water to your home in pure form. These are also one of the most costly types of softeners, but not the only option.

There are also filters that use coal-based filtration and salt filters that remove the heavy metals from water, which are more affordable but do not perform as well.

2.  Sizing The Water Softener System

If you need to have a water filtration system installed in your home, you will need one for that is the right size from your home. One way you can size your filtration system is to estimate your monthly water usage. If you have irrigation and other water plumbing that you do not want attached to the softener, you can subtract the average water consumption of these systems when sizing your water filtration system.

3. Multiple Tank Water Softener Systems

There are also multi-tank systems, which use a series of tanks to process the water. This is a system where water is constantly moving through the filtration system. If you do not want to have pauses and interruption with your water service, this is an ideal type of system to have. It will also reduce any problems that filtration systems can cause with water pressure in your home.

4. Salt-Based Water Softener Systems

Many water softeners are also salt-based systems, which use salt to remove the heavy metals from water. There are alternatives that use magnetic technology or the more conventional coal filtration type of system. If you want to have technology that has been proven installed in your, the salt-based systems will be the best.

These are some of the things that you may want to know about water softeners and filtration systems for your home. If you have hard water in your home, contact a water softener dealer and ask them about what can be done to improve the water quality of your home. To learn more, contact a company like Optimum Plumbing LLC with any questions or concerns you have.