How To Clean Your Toilets And Sinks Without Damaging Your Plumbing

You want to take good care of your plumbing so you can keep it working for as long as possible. While it's important to make sure you don't flush the wrong items, or put things such as grease down your kitchen sink, it's also just as important to be sure you clean with products that are safe for your plumbing. Putting harsh chemicals down your drain can cause your pipes to become damaged. This can cause big plumbing problems and huge repair expenses. Keep the following tips in mind when cleaning your sinks and toilets.

Cleaning your toilets

Do -

Use vinegar and baking soda to clean the toilets. You want to pour a good amount of the vinegar into the toilet and let it set for about a half an hour. Then, you can add in about half the box of baking soda and scrub the toilet with a nylon toilet brush to remove the stains.

You can also use a pumice stone to remove stubborn rings from your toilet. The pumice stone will remove the rings easily and without scratching up the toilet.

Don't -  

You don't want to use bleach very often to clean your toilets. While it may be alright to do this once in a very great while, using bleach on a regular basis will lead to the deterioration of your plumbing system.

You also want to make sure you don't scrub your toilet with any item that's made of metal to get stains off. Some examples of items you don't want to use include metal scrapers, screwdrivers or putty knives.

Cleaning your sinks

Do -

Use a half an orange and a good amount of salt to clean your sinks regularly. You want to cut an orange in half and pour table salt on it. Use it to scrub your sink.

Clean the sink and the salt will act as a gentle abrasive. Using this method regularly will keep your sinks clean and prevent stains from setting in.

As with your toilet, you can also use a pumice stone to remove stains, rings and other marks from your kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Don't -

Don't use bleach to clean the sink. You also want to make sure you don't use other cleaning products that have bleach and other harsh chemicals in them.

Don't use hard scrubbers such as stainless steel scouring pads on your sink. This will cause visible scratch marks on the sink you won't be able to remove.

Following the tips above will help you keep your sinks and toilets looking clean without destroying the plumbing in your home. If you do notice you are having any issues with your plumbing, you want to get a plumber out quickly to repair the problem before it gets worse and leads to other issues.

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