4 Ways To Drain A Toilet Bowl

If you are having problems with your toilet, especially if it is a flushing problem, you might need to drain the toilet bowl. There is no fun way to drain a toilet bowl, but there are at least four practical options. Here are some different ways to drain the water from the toilet bowl so you can get the necessary repairs done.

Use A Plunger

Before you try to actually get the water out of the toilet bowl, try pushing it down the bowl by using a plunger. Even if you tried it before, try one more time just in case you get lucky. You might need to use a heavy-duty plunger or use more force to get it done. If after a few plunges the water refuses to go down, you can instead try turning the water off. When the water is off, the water may be forced down the bowl more easily.

Bail The Water Out

The next option for removing water from the toilet bowl is bailing it out. This is one of the more laborious and time-consuming ways, but it gets the job done. If you don't have a siphon hose or vacuum around to get the water out, this might be your only option. Get a bowl or cup that fits easily in the toilet bowl and will be easy to remove with water in it. Use it to gradually bail out one cup-full of water at a time and dispose of it elsewhere. Dumping it into a bucket nearby is the best solution so the water doesn't need to travel far.

Use A Siphoning Hose

If you have one on hand, you can siphon the water using a short hose. To siphon water out of the toilet bowl, you will first fill the hose with water and put your thumb on one end to plug it up. Put the other end of the hose into the toilet bowl as fast as you can, then take the end you are holding and release your thumb, making sure the hose is at a lower level than the bowl. Point it toward a nearby bucket. The water will then start draining from the toilet into the bucket. As long as the hose is kept underneath the level of the toilet bowl, it should keep draining.

Remove Water With A Sponge

Using a sponge might seem like the slowest method for removing water for a toilet bowl, but it can actually be very useful. Get a large sponge, not just a small one you use to wipe down your counters. Large sponges can hold a lot of water and it is easy to transport it from the toilet bowl to a bucket. Place the dry sponge into the toilet bowl and let it fill up with water. Move the sponge to the bucket and squeeze the water out. Once it is rung out, go back to the toilet bowl and repeat the process. This is also helpful if you have used another method to remove the water, and just have a little bit of water left in the bottom of the toilet bowl.

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