4 Annual Maintenance Tips For Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

As a homeowner, your air conditioner is important because it keeps you cool during those hot summer months. However, air conditioners can be expensive both for repair reasons and on your monthly utility bill. Luckily, there are ways that you can help reduce these costs just by being sure that you take the time to work on these four annual maintenance tips:

  1. Change the Filter: The filter in your air conditioning unit is important to change out yearly. This is because the filter traps a great deal of dirt and debris and if this dirt and debris is not cleaned out, then it makes it more difficult for air to get through the filter and into your home to cool it down. Because of this, your air conditioner isn't going to run at its best and will cause your electricity bill to rise. You will notice that you will be setting it for a lower temperature than normal just to get your home to a comfortable temperature. 
  2. Clean the Vents: Cleaning the vents in your air conditioning unit is a must because the vents gather a great deal of dust over time. This dust can cause a number of problems including clogging of the system. Again, this will cause your air conditioning to run inefficiently causing your energy bills to skyrocket each month. If you know you haven't cleaned the vents in a while, you may consider hiring professionals to do a thorough clean and dusting of your whole AC system. 
  3. Check Condensing Unit: The condenser, which is what lets air into the system and then into the home and takes the hot air back out is located on the outside of your home. It is important that you check the condenser unit every once in a while to be sure that it is not blocked. If the unit is blocked, the unit will be working twice as hard to get air into your home, which raises energy costs, as well. 
  4. Check Freon Levels: The freon coolant in your air conditioning unit will need to be changed or filled every year. If you have been doing this and you notice that the freon levels need to be filled much sooner than usual, you will want to have professionals check for a leak, which they can repair so long as it is caught early. 

By doing these maintenance tips every year, you can be sure that you keep your air conditioning unit in the best condition and keep your repair costs and energy bill costs as low as possible.