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Are Bidets Better For The Environment?

Adding a bidet to your bathroom offers several advantages. Many people appreciate the excellent hygiene that these fixtures provide. If you are environmentally conscious, you may be concerned about the additional water usage a bidet may bring. Although your water bill will rise slightly, you will actually be able to benefit the environment by changing to a bidet and forgoing toilet paper. Toilet Paper Toilet paper is a surprisingly big drain on environmental resources. Read More 

3 Easy Fixes For A Slow Flushing Toilet

A slow flushing toilet can be very disruptive, as it can easily block and cause dirty water to spill on your floor. You may also need to flush the toilet multiple times to clear the volume, leading to water wastage. In this article, you will learn 3 simple fixes for a slow flushing toilet so you can hopefully prevent the issue from escalating and causing your toilet to clog completely. Read More 

Own A Business That Houses People Overnight Or Longer? Protect Yourself From Sewer Line Disasters

If you run any type of commercial facility that houses a large number of people, like a nursing home, apartment building, or extended-stay hotel, you probably realize that people will—despite whatever warnings you give them—inevitably flush something down the toilet that they shouldn't. Whether it's a handful of baby wipes, feminine products, or dropped Legos, objects that go down the pipes can end up causing a sewer line backup that's messy and expensive to fix. Read More 

Bathroom Faucet Buying Guide

The faucet is the centerpiece of the bathroom. It's one of the first things people see when they enter. There are many factors to consider when shopping for a new one, like whether your sink is new or pre-existing, how many holes are in it, and features. Here are some basics every bathroom faucet buyer should know before making a purchase. Fitting Your Sink First, you'll need to know what type of faucet your sink can handle. Read More 

Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners And Snakes

A clogged drain can disrupt your whole routine. As dishes pile up in the kitchen, you may get desperate to get your drain working right again. On the other hand, pouring a chemical drain cleaner down your drain may do more damage than simply not solve your problem: in some cases a chemical cleaner can actually make the problem worse. Thus, if you can't solve your drain problem on your own with a couple home remedies, you should call in the professionals. Read More